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What do you do if your designs aren’t selling?

What do you do when you’re designs aren’t selling?
You’ve put in endless hours of work getting a portfolio of work together not to mention the hours researching and gathering a list of potential companies and clients to contact and then all you hear is crickets! At this point, I’m sure you’re feeling exhausted, disappointed and frustrated. You probably feel like giving up.
But, don’t give up just yet! There are a few things for you to think about and consider first.

Jobs of a Surface Pattern Designer

If you have a love of print and pattern design then you probably dream of having a career as a surface pattern designer. How you fit into the industry will depend on your goals. Do you want to work autonomously or would you prefer a regular paycheck? There are lots of different options and what you choose will depend on your experience, your dreams and goals as well as your current work/life situation. Here are a few examples of surface pattern design jobs for you to consider.

5 Top Tips to Create Surface Pattern Designs That Sell

In order to make a career as a successful surface pattern designer, you need to be able to create designs that sell. Why do some designs sell and others not? What is it that makes a design successful? By having a look at 5 top tips to create surface pattern designs that sell, you’ll be able to start answering those questions.

Designing a Surface Pattern Design Collection

Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner or are working for a client, as a surface pattern designer you will often be creating designs that are part of a collection rather than one-off individual designs.
Let’s have a look at what’s involved in designing a surface pattern design collection.

The Secrets Behind Colourways and Coordinates

As a surface pattern designer as well as being able to create beautiful designs, another key skill you need is to be able to create colourways and coordinates. Colourways and coordinates are designs that go with your main design to form part of a range. Let’s take a look at the secrets behind colourways and coordinates


Pattern Design Product Ideas

When we think of surface pattern design we most commonly think of it being applied to a fabric. There are however many different surface applications for your pattern designs.
Any surface has the potential to be decorated with a surface pattern design. Different surfaces will require different application processes however the design process will be similar, if not the same.


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