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Tips to Staying Productive Working From Home

Working from home has so many perks. No travel time or being stuck in traffic every day. Being able to set your own hours. Having the flexibility to add in extra little things during your day like going to a mid-morning yoga session. But, it can also have its difficulties. Working from home involves a lot of discipline. It's easy to get sidetracked....that load of washing, the dirty shower, kids wanting snacks or people dropping in forgetting that you're at home working.  You are your own boss so you are accountable to yourself. Eeek! So you need to stay as focused as possible and make sure you keep on track to reaching your goals.

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Top Business Tools for my Surface Pattern Design Business

It can feel really overwhelming starting your own business. There are so many tools, resources, and information that it's sometimes hard to know where to begin. When I was setting up my business it was a case of trial and error. In fact, lots of errors! It's been a really slow process but I now have lots of tools in place that I love and couldn't imagine running my business without. So, I've created a list of my top business tools for my surface pattern design business. 

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5 must have Surface Pattern Design tools

I often get asked what are the most important tools for a surface pattern designer. Every designer works differently but there are some essential tools that most designers use frequently. Here's my list of top 5 Surface Pattern Design tools that I can't live without.

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