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6 Ways to Improve Your Drawing Skills

There are many skills that you need to develop to be a successful surface pattern designer but often at the heart of a great design is drawing. I've always argued that you don't need to be a great or the best drawer to be a successful surface pattern designer but it is at the core of designing so it's a skill that you should nurture, practice and develop constantly. There are lots of ways you can help develop and improve your skills so let's look at 6 ways to improve your drawing skills.  

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Using Line to Create Texture

Texture is such an important element to consider when creating your surface pattern designs. In the blog post 'Creating Printed Texture Techniques' we discussed using printing methods to create texture but there are an infinite number of other ways, textural effects can be achieved.  Line is such an important element of a design and can be used to express shape, contour, texture, and tone. When using line to create texture the possibilities are endless.

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Creating Printed Texture Techniques

A really important element to consider when creating surface pattern designs is texture. Texture allows you to create interest in a design and can be created through a multitude of ways.  Texture can be either implied and visual or a tactile surface. Visual texture will give a surface the look of having a texture while still being a flat surface whereas tactile surface refers to the feel of the actual surface e.g. rough or smooth. Surface pattern designs commonly use textural effects to create pattern and interest within a design

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