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7 Tips for Answering a Design Brief

The most efficient way of designing is to have a brief to follow. This is especially true if you’re designing for a client but is also important if you’re designing for yourself or your own products. It will save you a lot of time, keep you on track and get results a lot quicker. Here are 10 tips for answering a design brief. 

Tips to finding your signature design style

Finding your own unique signature style is really important to help you stand out as a designer but to many of us it can feel like an overwhelming task. This is especially true of those just starting out. You may even be asking what is a signature design style and more importantly how do you find yours. I’m going to break it down a try a make it a little easier to understand by giving you some tips to finding your signature design style.

The Design Process Made Simple

As a designer, there are so many different ways to work. It may often look from the outside like a designer just sits down and comes up with amazing designs but there’s obviously more to it than that. Although everyone will approach their work slightly differently there’s a general design process that will usually take place. So let’s break it down and look at the design process made simple.

3 Most Common Surface Pattern Design Mistakes

There has been a real appreciation for surface pattern design in the last few years and we are seeing lots of designs out there with the rise of social media but not all of those designs work or look good. So, why is it that some design look great while others miss the mark? Let’s take a look at the 3 most common surface pattern design mistakes.

4 Quick Tips For Creating A Successful Design Brief

In order to become a successful and adaptable surface pattern designer, it’s important that you learn how to follow and write a design brief. This is not only essential if you’re designing for a client but also if you’re creating your own design ranges. By having a clear understanding of your brief before you start you will save time in the long run by being able to arrive at a successful outcome more easily. 

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting A Design Brief

Before you start designing it’s really important to have a very clear vision of what is required. This is especially true if you are designing for a specific client or with a specific outcome in mind. Let’s face it, who wants to waste time creating a design only to find out that you were on the wrong track from the beginning. To eliminate this happening, we’re going to take a look at 5 questions you must ask before starting a design brief.

3 Hacks for Creating Interesting Surface Pattern Designs

Have you ever created a design that seems to lack a bit of life or feels flat? You know it needs something extra but you’re not quite sure what it is? Or are you short of time to create a design with lots of different complex motifs but you don’t want to create a boring design? Here are 3 hacks for creating interesting surface pattern designs.

6 Ways to Improve Your Drawing Skills

There are many skills that you need to develop to be a successful surface pattern designer but often at the heart of a great design is drawing. I’ve always argued that you don’t need to be a great or the best drawer to be a successful surface pattern designer but it is at the core of designing so it’s a skill that you should nurture, practice and develop constantly. There are lots of ways you can help develop and improve your skills so let’s look at 6 ways to improve your drawing skills.

Designing a Surface Pattern Design Collection

Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner or are working for a client, as a surface pattern designer you will often be creating designs that are part of a collection rather than one-off individual designs.
Let’s have a look at what’s involved in designing a surface pattern design collection.


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